Sunday, February 17

Lecture hall C1  


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16:00 Opening remarks by Uli Technau
16:10 Developmental Cell biology (Chair Peleg Hasson)
16:10 Benjamin Podbilewicz 
Evolution of developmental cell fusion

Jiri Friml
Evolution of efficient root gravitropism during conquest of land by plants

17:00 Felix Gunawan
Uncovering the development and maturation of vertebrate heart valves at single cell resolution
17:15 Tom Schultheiss
A novel hedgehog-regulated molecular module that shapes epithelial cell and tissue morphogenesis to position the ventral embryonic midline
17:30 coffee break
18:00 Frank Schnorrer
Measuring molecular tension at developing muscle attachment sites
18:25 Dorothee Bornhorst
Intra-organ communication within the developing zebrafish heart involves mechanical coupling of myocardium and endocardium
18:40 Alina Kolpakova
The two mitofusin genes are functionally interchangeable, but both are required for the full fusion of the Drosophila spermatid mitochondria
18:55 keynote: Benny Shilo (Chair David Sprinzak)
Dynamics of morphogen shuttling in the Drosophila embryo
19:45 Welcome reception



Monday, February 18

Lecture hall C1
 09:00 - 11:50 Neural Development (Chair Thomas Hummel)
09:00 Keynote: Andrea Brand
Time to get up: awakening stem cells in the brain
09:35 Christian Klämbt
Development of the Drosophila blood-brain barrier
10:00 Anna Kicheva
Coordination of progenitor specification and growth in the developing spinal cord
10:25 Wolfgang Driever
Dynamic control of stemness and neurogenesis in neural proliferation zones of the larval zebrafish brain
10:40 coffee break
11:10 Dalit Sela-Donenfeld 
Hindbrain Boundaries- New Sites of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells During Embryonic Development
11:25 Chaya Kalcheim
The dynamics of dorsal neural tube development: from Neural Crest to definitive Roof Plate.
11:50  Stem cells, organoids and disease (chair: Lazaro Centanin)
11:50 Jürgen Knoblich
Cerebral organoids: modelling human brain development and tumorigenesis in stem cell derived 3D culture
12:15 Prisca Liberali
Self-organization and symmetry breaking in intestinal organoid development
12:40 Erika Tsingos
Taking turns: Quiescent and active stem cells coexist in homeostatic growth of the retinal pigment epithelium of medaka
12:55 Lunch
14:30  Single Cell approaches (Chair Elly Tanaka)
Lecture hall C1
Biophysics of development (Chair Patrick Müller)
Lecture hall C2
14:30 Barbara Treutlein
Dissecting human and chimpanzee cerebral organoids using single-cell transcriptomics
Naama Barkai
Designing a robust biological timer
14:55 Naomi Habib
From single cells to landscapes of brain regeneration and degeneration
Stephan Grill
Integrin-mediated attachment of the blastoderm to the vitelline envelope impacts gastrulation in Tribolium castaneum
15:20 Omri Wurtzel
A foxF regulatory program specifies planarian muscle formation revealed by single cell analysis
Albert Thommen
Physiological basis of metabolic rate scaling in planarian flatworms
15:35 Alison Cole
Development and Homeostasis in a sea anemone: a multi-faceted approach to characterize Cnidarian stem cells
Adi Salzberg
Alteration in ECM composition affects sensory organ mechanics and function
15:50 coffee break
16:20 Poster Session I (even numbers)

around the big lecture hall
New techniques Session (Chair Alexander Klimovich)
Lecture hall C2

16:20    Florian Raible
A combined, versatile depigmentation and Clearing method (DEEP-C) for studying animal nervous Systems across scales
 16:30   Wouter Masselnik
Broad applicability of a streamlined Ethyl Cinnamate-based clearing prodedure 

 16:40   Tinatini Tavhelidse
Efficient single-copy HDR by 5' modified Long dsDNA donors
18:30 IsSDB prize talk Howard Cedar (chair: Chaya Kalcheim) 
DNA methylation and uneding process of development)
19:15 dinner on your own / invited speakers dinner



Tuesday, February 19

Lecture hall C1
  Genomic approaches to development (Chair Oleg Simakov) 
09:00 Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski
New insights into the causes of egg aneuploidy at advanced maternal age
09:25 Enrico Coen
Resolving Conflicts: The Genetic Control of Plant Morphogenesis
09:50 Stephan Mundlos
3D chromatin conformation of Pitx1 locus defines forelimb vs hind limb identiy
10:15 Anna Kögler
Light-controlled perturbation of transcription factor function during embryogenesis
10:30 Michael Borg
Paternal resetting of H3K27me3-silenced states primes early plant development
10:45 coffee break
11:15  Regeneration (Chair: Monika Hassel)
11:15 Kerstin Bartscherer
Regeneration initiation – from planarians to African spiny mice
11:40 Eldad Tzahor
Signaling Mechanisms in Heart Regeneration
12:05 Christian Lange
Thyroid hormone signaling controls adult brain regeneration in zebrafish
12:20 Prayag Murawala
Single-cell analysis uncovers convergence of cell identities during axolotl limb regeneration
12:35 Lunch
13:30 Society Meeting GfE
14:15  PhD GfE Prize Award
14:30  Polarity and axis formation (Chair Urs Schmidt-Ott)
Lecture hall C1
Germline / early cleavages (Chair Tamar Lotan)
Lecture hall C2
14:30 Elisabeth Knust
Crosstalk between the Drosophila Crumbs polarity complex and the apical cytocortex orchestrates epithelial polarity
Hila Toledano
Draper isoforms in cyst cells regulate phagocytosis and aging of germ cell debris
14:55 Marja Timmermans
Pattern formation by mobile morphogen-like small RNA signals
Maria Torres Padilla
Epigenetic mechanisms in early mammalian development: impact of heterochromatin dynamics
15:20 Gregor Bucher
Double abdomen in a short germ insect: Zygotic control of axis formation revealed in the beetle Tribolium castaneum
Roland Dosch
Functional Equivalence of the Zebrafish Germ Plasm Organizer Bucky ball with the Unrelated Drosophila Oskar
15:45 Jörg Grosshans
The emergence of the subapical domain depends on polarization of cortical actin
Andrea Pauli
Bouncer and SPACA4 - small proteins with big roles
16:00 coffee break
16:30 Poster session II (odd numbers)
area around the big lecture hall
18:30 GfE Klaus Sander Prize talk Herbert Jäckle (chair Uli Technau)
From Gradients to desease, from fly to man
 19:15 Conference Dinner at the City Hall



Wednesday, February 20

Lecture hall C1
09:00 - 10:40 Organogenesis (chair: Andrea Vortkamp)
09:00 Keynote: Olivier Pourquié
Deconstructing the human segmentation clock in vitro
09:35 Ruth Ashery-Padan
Investigating the transitions from multipotent precursors to stably differentiated cell types of the eye
10:00 Miltos Tsiantis
The genetic basis for diversification of leaf form: from understanding to reconstructing
10:25 Wiebke Herzog
Wnt7ß-catenin signaling regulates VE-cadherin-mediated anastomosis of brain capillaries by counteracting S1pr1 signaling
10:40 coffee break
11:10 EvoDevo and emerging models (Chair Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon)
11:10 Kai Rathje
Bacteria interactions cause tumorigenesis in Hydra
11:25 Stefan Schulte-Merker
Different ways to make a spine - notochord sheath cells, but not the sclerotome, drive axial spine metamerisation in zebrafish
11:40 Matt Gibson
Functional interrogation of an axial Hox code in the sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis
12:05 Sabine Zachgo
Marchantia polymorpha: Insight into land plant evolution form a liverwort perspective
12:30 Poster Prize and concluding remarks
13:00 End of Meeting. Do not Forget your posters!